PhilSCA Hymn


Lyrics by: Cipriano S. Sonico
Music by: Leo G. Quinto
August 29, 2001

Oh PhilSCA dear for thee we stand
And lift our voice of praise!
We offer all our mind and hands
Up high thy anthem raise!

Our faith that keeps our hopes alive
Will echo through the air
Let wisdom be our constant guide
Your vision pure and fair


Oh PhilSCA dear!
Oh PhilSCA dear!
Thy name we’ll keep within our hearts
Forever, oh Alma Matter dear!

Thy name we trust with ardent love
Our dignity and pride
All glory to our God above
For truth and arts we strive

That victory be without pretence
Our courage shield all fear
The core of learning excellence

(Repeat Chorus)

Forever, Oh ALMA MATTER dear!

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