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Memorandum between PhilSCA and Vietnamese-German University

PhilSCA inks MOU with Vietnamese-German University!
Steering towards the attainment of its internationalization goals, the Philippine State College of Aeronautics partnered with Vietnamese-German University (VGU). The two institutions mutually agreed to develop areas of cooperation such as a)exchanges, cooperation, and sharing of expertise, best practices, and information about the Philippine and international higher education systems, quality assurance, qualifications, and higher education programs, especially on innovation, science, and technology; b) exchange of undergraduate and/or graduate students on a balanced reciprocal basis; c. mobility of faculty members and researchers; d. cooperative research and joint project development for external funding support; e. development and/or delivery of courses, including online courses; f. collaborative teaching or supervision of graduate students (co-tutelle); g. joint seminars, conferences, and academic meetings; h. exchange of scientific and information materials of mutual interest, among others.
The Vietnamese-German University (VGU) is a Vietnamese public university in Binh Duong, Vietnam. In its administrative and academic structure, VGU follows the German model and standards. VGU was founded officially in March 2008 as a partnership between Vietnam and Germany. The university currently offers Bachelor’s and Master’s programs covering the fields of engineering, natural sciences, and commerce.

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