Guidance Counseling


The Guidance Center is an integral part of PhilSCA in molding a dynamic, responsible and service-oriented office focused on the holistic growth and development of PhilSCAnians. The office supports the PhilSCA values of helping and undestanding the uniqueness of an individual in enhancing his potential toward psycho-social and emotional maturity. Through pertinent strategies and services, the office commits itself to the advancement of new ideas to build a well integrated and socially responsible individual.

The guidance Center offers the following services:

a. Psychological Assessment

Testing is very vital in guidance service for the assessment of students’ situational and personal aspects that maybe helpful in the improvement of their psycho-emotional maturity.

b. Individual Inventory

Records of students which include personal data, test results, academics and medical history as well as other important documents are filed confidentially at GSO.

c. Counseling

This is the heart of the guidance services which help individuals cope with their problems.

d. Academic and Career Guidance

This service assists students to make the right decisions in their academic and professional lives based on their mental ability, interest aptitude and personality.

e. Follow Through

this service checks the condition of the students to determine the progress and personal adjustment he has made and to evaluate the effectivity of the interventions used for the counselee.

f. Referral Service

This provides assistance to students by referring them to different agencies or specialists that give them the necessary interventions and placements.

g. Student Orientation

To build a community, every new student is welcomed and initiated into the life of the college through its various orientation programs.

For more info, please contact:

The Guidance Center Philippine State College of Aeronautics Piccio Garden, Villamor, Pasay City Contact Numbers: +63

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