The Philippine State College of Aeronautics, being the only aeronautical state institution of higher learning in the country was given a very distinct congressional mandate to offer aeronautical and other aviation related courses not only in the technical and baccalaureate levels but also to afford those in the fields of the aeronautical engineering and airlines industries, the opportunity to pursue advanced studies. This legal mandate is enshrined in its legal statue P.D. 1078 dated January 26, 1977 as amended by Republic Act No. 7605 dated June 03, 1992.


A leading higher educational institution in aviation sciences with a balanced liberal arts and technology


Philsca continues to produce world-class professionals in the aviation industry through quality instruction, research, extension, resource management and industry partnership

Goals and Objectives

The programs and projects of the College shall be undertaken in such a manner as to reflect its aspiration to be the center for; (a) professional and advanced technical training in the field of aeronautics and liberal arts; (b) research and advanced studies, and (c) progressive leadership in its field of specialization as mandated by its charter. In view of the above, the college shall strive to implement programs and projects that shall:
  1. Transmit, and disseminate knowledge and skills relevant to the manpower needs of the country;
  2. Discover and disseminate new knowledge/technology needed for the development of the country;
  3. Enhance, preserve and disseminate national culture and sports; and produce progressive leaders, trained, skilled and semi-skilled manpower for national development. The College shall primarily provide professional and advance technological training in the preparatory field of aeronautics and liberal arts. It shall also provide research and advance studies and progressive leadership in aeronautics. Towards this end, the college shall ensure maximum contribution of its educational resources to the realization of the goals of national development through coordination with other agencies within the context of free and democratic processes.


The Philippine State College of Aeronautics, shares the philosophy of higher education in the Philippines. In an environment of freedom, excellence, and relevance, higher education harness, develops and catalyzes the constructive and productive use of the full potentials and capabilities of Filipino men and women into becoming creative, decisive, competitive, critically thinking and acting individuals who contributes to the:
  1. Realization of Filipino identity and pride of a strong nation;
  2. Cultivation and inculcation to the minds of the youth moral and spiritual foundation;
  3. Attainment of political maturity, economics stability, and equitable social progress, and;
  4. Preservation and enrichment of the historical and cultural heritage of the Filipino, as a people and as a nation.
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