June 1 Faculty and Admin General Assembly & Freshmen General Orientation Activities
04 to 08 Extension of Enrollment with Penalty - Adding/Changing/Dropping of Subjects
12 Independence Day
30 Tentative Date of 2018 Summer Graduation
July 15 Institute of Graduate Studies - End of Classes (First Trimester)
16 to 27 Institute of Graduate Studies - Enrollment (Second Trimester)
July to August 30 to 03 Late Enrollment with Penalty
August 08 to 10 Intercolor Games
21 Ninoy Aquino Day
27 National Heroes Day
30 to 31 Buwan ng Wika
September 08 Last Day of Encoding of Midterm Grades
24 to 28 Issuance of Clearance/Final Permit
October 08 Final Examination
14 to 28 Semestral Break
23 Last Day of encoding grades to the ISMS and Submission of Grading Sheets to the Registrar's Office (copy furnish Dean of Institute/Campus/Directors/Quality Assurance Center)
23 to 30 Enrollment for Second Semester
28 Institute of Graduate Studies - End of Classes (Second Trimester)
October to November 08 to 30 Acceptance of Applicants for College Admission Test for Academic Year 2019-2020


October to November 29 to 09 Enrollment for Third Trimester
November 01 All Saints Day
02 All Souls Day
05 Start of Regular Classes
05 to 09 Late Enrollment with penalty - Adding/Changing/Dropping Subjects
11 Institute of Graduate Studies - Start of Classes
12 to 16 Institute of Graduate Studies - Late Enrollment with Penalty
30 Bonifacio Day
November to January 19 to 31 Conduct of Admission Test to Campuses
December 03 Start of filling of evaluation of grades for all candidates for graduation

Completion of deficiencies/removal exam for INC grades (within one year period only)
15 Christmas party for students/Start of Christmas Break for 15 days
24 Special (Non-Working) Day
25 Christmas Day
30 Rizal Day
31 Special (Non-Working) Day
January 01 New Year's Day
03 Class Resume
23 to 25 SSC/Organization Activities Day
January to February 28 to 01 Midterm Examination
February 05 Chinese Lunar New Year's Day
17 Institute of Graduate Studies - End of Classes (Third Trimester)
25 People Power Anniversary
26 Last Day of encoding of Midterm Grades
26 to 28 Issuance of Clearance for Graduating Students
28 Deadline of filling of Evaluation to those students who are candidates for Graduation/Issuance of Clearance/Filling of Application for Graduation
March 13 to 15 Final Examination of all students are Candidates for Graduation
18 Deliberation of Candidates for Graduation simultaneously by the faculty members by institutes
18 to 22 Issuance of Clearance for Non-Graduating Students
19 Submission of final result
21 Academic Council Meeting for deliberation of the candidates for graduation and awards and recognition
22 Tentative Schedule of Board of Trustees Meeting
25 Submission of Final Grades of Graduating Students to the Registrar's Office (copy furnish Dead of Institute/Campus Director/Quality/Assurance Center)
Last day of encoding of grades for graduating students
27 to 30 Final Examination of Non-Graduating Stdents
April 03 PhilSCA Recollection and Baccalaureate mass and Recognition Day and Awarding of Medals and Certificates to Student's with Honors and Award
10 Last day of service of Contract of Service Faculty Members

Last Day of encoding grades to PhilSCA ISMS and submission of grading sheets of non-graduating students o the Registrar's Office (copy furnish Dean of Institutes/Campus/Director/Quality Assurance Center)


April 01 PhilSCA, Villamor Air Base Campus
02 PhilSCA, Fernando Air Base Campus
04 PhilSCA, Mactan Benito Ebuen Air Base Campus
05 PhilSCA, Medellin Campus
06 PhilSCA, Basa Campus


April 10 to 12 Enrollment
15 Start of Summer Classes
15 to 17 Extended Enrollment with penalty
18 to 19 Regular Holiday/Maundy Thursday/Good Friday
May 01 Labor Day
06 to 08 Midterm Examination
20 to 21 Issuance of Clearance
22 to 24 Final Examination
June 03 Last Day of encoding of grades to PhilSCA ISMS and submission of grading sheets of non-graduating students to the Registrar's Office (copy furnish Dean of Institutes/Campus Director/Quality Assurance Center)
05 Deliberation of 2019 Summer Candidates for Graduation
07 tentative Academic Council Meeting
19 to 21 Tentative Schedule of BOT Meetin or Processing of Referendum for the Confirmation of 2019 Summer Candidates for Graduation
28 Tentative Date of Graduation for Summer 2019


PhilSCA warmly welcomes high school graduates, senior high school graduates, college transferees, second programs, foreign applicants, and post graduate degree applicants in its campuses.

For fast and efficient admissions procedures, fill-out the online registration form and bring a printout copy when you visit your preferred PhilSCA campus.

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