Acting Dean, Estrella E. Yago

Acting Dean

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Goals & Objectives

The Institute of Computer Studies aims to attain the following goals:

1. To assist in accelerating airline operations development by producing well trained and equipped IT-literate workforce.

2. To serve as center for computer literacy and software development intended for airline processes.

3. To assist the aviation educators in developing computer-aided instructions.

4. To act as strategic partner in developing the government agencies for air transportation become fully automated and productive.

5. To nurture young Filipinos to become responsible citizens and enlightened leaders of our country, spearheading the progress of air transportation system of the country.


1. To educate and train computer professionals knowledgeable and competent in meeting the growing demand for software developers and IT persons in the airline industry.

2. To motivate its faculty and students to help advance the frontiers of computer research and development applicable for the innovation of aerospace technology.

3. To provide world class IT professionals that will contribute in the development of IT education, business, and primarily, the airline processes of the Philippine and the world.

4. To nurture the academic community in a culture that develops the totality of a person.

5. To cultivate and mold leaders in technical, professional and research domains for the development of aeronautical sciences that will help the country to adapt fast-changing technologies in aviation.

6. To produce graduates that will take the lead in the innovation of new technologies and their applications through cutting-edge research and state-of-the-art learning infrastructure in the field of aeronautics.


The Institute of Computer Studies is PhilSCA’s forefront in Information Technology education, and in the application of information and knowledge to business and professional services, in the field of airline operation and aviation industry. It is an institution committed to its vision of continually sharing knowledge and expertise through teaching, engaging in Computer Science researchand Information Technology, to pursue excellence in academics as well as extra-curricular activities, equipping its students with globally competitive skills, to become tomorrow’s leader in industry, academe and government.

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